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Actis Furio srl is a company specialized in metal sheet perforation and has a presence in both home and foreign markets. Our wide variety of perforated sheets can have round, square, elongated and fancy hole patterns. They can be produced in various materials: stainless steel, AISI 304-316  , Carbon-steel, galvanized, aluminium, brass, copper, titanium, ,corten, polypropylene, etc.
Standard sheets sizes are: 1000x2000 mm , 1250x2500 mm , 1500x3000 mm , but we are able to produce, cut and bend custom sheets. Holes of different sizes, from the smallest to the biggest, as well as in material of various  thicknesses , from 0.5 up to 20 mm,  are used almost  everywhere, since perforated sheets can filter air, liquid, light, heat, waves and solids. And what's the result of that? Metal sheets suitable for different fields: carpentry, food and chemical industries, naval dockyards , etc...
But if perforated sheets don't meet our customers' requirements, ACTIS FURIO can also propose the most suitable solutions, offering indented sheets, tear plates, stretched as well as wire nets and mesh. Next to our production department,  our warehouse,  is able to offer more than 15,000 products always ready and flat. Our presses are always at work and can assure quick and on- time deliveries.




Our perforated sheets are everywhere: filters, conveyor belts, beehives, wheat driers, oenology, fish farming, silo ventilation, shields for industrial machines, threshing machines and sieving machines, presses for vegetables, fruits and cheese wheels, spin-driers, protective screens, dividing walls, elements of street furniture.