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Perforated sheets


Perforated sheet, unlike solid sheet, is resistant, permeable, transparent: that's why it's used in so many sectors: it can be used to solve problems of filtering, separation, protection, soundproofing, decoration, washing and drying and is therefore widely used by the chemical, food, mining and car industries as well as by sugar refineries, quarries, cement factories, construction sites, distilleries and so on.
Dimensions of commercial sheets are: 1000x2000mm - 1250x2500 mm- 1500x3000mm, but we also make specific formats to customers' designs (edges and perforated areas as requested).
The most common perforated materials are: stainless steel ( AISI 304, AISI 316 , AISI 310 , AISI 430), carbon steel (FE360-FE510), zinc-plate, high resistance steel, polypropylene, monel, alloy, aluminium, copper, brass, PVC, titanium.
ACTIS FURIO can provide chemical analysis certification of its materials.

Perforated metal sheetsSheet metal thicknesses ranges from 0.4mm up to 20mm.
For technical reasons, the hole is bigger than the thickness, but, if necessary, we can also make holes smaller than the thickness.
The holes can be round, squared, oblong, deep-drawn, fancy or diamond shaped.
In our warehouse we have constantly available: perforated sheets in 304, 316, FE360, Aluminium, 1000x2000mm , thickness of 0,5mm to 20mm, with round, squared, oblong or fancy holes.
For technical reasons related to the construction of moulds, the distance between punches may be double or triple the perforation pitch. As a result, in some processing, the perforation drawing is completed only after the second, or sometimes even third stroke. The same is true for the end of the perforated area.
In many perforations, we can perform regular starts and ends, on condition that this is agreed in advance.
In perforated plate, the perforation direction is usually aligned with the longer edge of the sheet. The reverse direction must be specifically requested.
 Standard Pattern                                                           Specially requested pattern
In general, standard metal sheets with a maximum thickness of 2mm have minimal solid edges on longer sides only, while for thickness of over 3mm, they also have them on the shorter sides. Upon request, we can also supply metal sheets with different edges.
It's possible to order particular edges or non-perforated areas on the metal sheet, by sending us drawings or technical specifications.
.Perimeter edges                                      Edges only on longer sides
Smoothing is also included in the production process, since it makes metal sheets -contorted by the weight of the punch during the perforation process - flat again.
In some cases, we can also make attachment holes, folds, discs, bends, provided they are agreed when making the offer.