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Wire Cloths


Wire cloths are manufactured on mechanical looms with continuous wires.
The wires parallel to the cloth length are called weft while those parallel to the cloth width are called warp.
When wires are continuous, they form a cloth with a lateral selvage.

When ordering a wire cloth or wire net, you must specify:
- the kind of material the cloth should be made from
- the width (or height) of the cloth expressed in metres (standard size h. 1000mm, we can also supply from 13mm to over 3000mm)
- the length of the cloth expressed in metres
- the number of the cloth
- the diameter of the wire (or warp and weft diameters) expressed in mm.
- the kind of weave
Wire clothWire cloths are classified according to the number of mesh openings (open area + 2 half wires) in a specific unit of measure:
French numbering (N.P.F.): n° of mesh openings in a metric inch of 27.77mm
English numbering (Mesh): n° of mesh openings in an English linear inch of 25.40mm
Italian numbering (NIT): n° of mesh openings in 50 linear mm.
We use French numbering.

The most commonly used materials are stainless steel
(AISI 304, 316,310) carbon steel, zinc-plate, brass,
copper and many others on request.
As well as rolls, we make discs of various diameters. 

Wire cloth